What is Alexa Ranking ? How it Works for websits

What is Alexa website ranking? Alexa is an Extension which is Available for Google Chrom and it is available on many more platforms. Alexa traffic is used for checking the website rank in Google. For Example, I visit a website every day and I want to know that how many people are visiting or visited this website every day or you want to know that from which part of the world this website visitors are. how much male or Females are visiting this website. How many websites are Linked to this website? so these are the basic information about Alexa Ranging Extention. if you want to install Alexa ranking Extension on your Google Chrome and want to know more about Alexa Ranking Extension read this Article until the End. without wasting time lets begin

How to install Alexa Ranking Extension on Google Chrome?

#. First Open Google Chrome on left-hand site there is Three Douts Click on that. Come download Find (more tools)and then Click on (Extensions)

#. Now it will show you the Extensions List which are added to your Google Chrom. Scroll down and Click on (more extensions).

#. Search (Alexa Trafic) on the search bar and Click on (ADD TO CHROME). I have already installed.

How to use Alexa Traffic?

#. Browse the website that you want to know the rank of. Just Click on right-hand site on Little (a)iCone. it will give you the Details of the site.

Alexa traffic

Facts about (Alexa Trafic).

there are a lot of facts about Alexa Traffic some of them are Negative facts and some of them are Positive facts about Alexa Trafic.

  • it is one of the most Popular and useful Extension of Google Chrome.
  • most Blogger and websites Author use this Extension to get information about the other website.
  • this Extension tells you that this side is developing slow or fast.
  • this Extension also tells you that with how many websites this website is linked.
  •  this Extension just counts that visitor to the website which has Alexa Trafic. like if you have installed Alexa Trafic so you will be count as a visitor to that website according to Alexa traffic if you don’t have Alexa Traffic so you will not count as a visitor.
  • Alexa Traffic will not tell you Exact visitors or Ranking of that website. it will tell you only the average ranking of that website.

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