What is Forex Strategy-Top 5 Best Forex Strategies for Forex Beginners 

Forex Trading is a very Best but Very Risky Platform. Did you know? by a survey of all over the world 97% people lose their money in Forex Trading only 3% people survive in Forex Market. now you can imagine that how you should perform in Forex Market to survive. it is a very risky platform to perform. first, at the beginning, everyone enjoys trading because in the start you close your all trades in profit but when you start Trading with Real account/Reak money majority of your trade will close in the loss. many people stop trading and loss their hope to be a successful trader. we all know that success comes from a failure or a hard worker. they should not give up they should do hard work and try different strategies. Did you know what is Strategy in Forex market? The strategy is a way of Trading. so in this Article, we will talk about what is Strategy and Top 5 Best Forex Strategies that Beginners. without wasting time let’s begin

What is Strategy Basically?

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Strategy means A method or plan chosen to bring about the desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem. in Forex Strategy means to make a way of the Analyzing market by Forex Calendar, indicators and set a Trade. in Forex you should found a Strategy to get our every trade in profit. if you search you will found that every successful trade has a personal Strategy for his Forex Trades.

Top 5 Best Forex Strategy For Forex Beginners

1. Pro Trading Forex Strategy

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The Pro Trading Strategy helps traders on how to identify key candles to define the right time to enter the market. This is something that is usually missing from most strategies. The strategy is complemented by Support and Resistance lines. The strategy has been around for a number of years. this Pro Trading Forex Strategy is a starting strategy with this strategy you can understand the basics of Forex Strategy to make your own Strategy.

2. 10 Pip Per Day Scalping Forex Strategy

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The phrase ‘slow and steady wins the long race’ (or the story about the tortoise and the hare), fits the description of this strategy perfectly! Instead of aiming for fast gains and risking major losses along the way, this strategy focuses on trading conservatively and gaining consistently. this Strategy wants to teach you the Emotional Discipline and it is Most necessary for Forex Trader.

3. Pivot Points MACD Divergence Forex Strategy

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The pivot point technical indicator is one of the few forward-looking technical indicators for trading Forex. This makes this strategy very powerful. This forex trading system/Strategy is ideal for many market conditions, even in ranges. mostly this Strategy works perfectly with EUR/USD in 1 Hour Time Fram of Forex Chart.

4. Pip Milking Forex Strategy

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Best Forex Strategies

This is not exactly a strategy for beginners. It will take some experience in chart and pattern reading to make it work. However, once this works, it can lead to some very substantial trades. Some very successful traders have incorporated this technique into their trading and with terrific results. It works on any time frame and can be seen over and over on any chart. so if you are Beginner in Forex Trading you Should Try this Strategy at once.

5. Urban Towers Scalping Forex Strategy

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This strategy’s concept is simple and easy to follow and for that reason is one of the best Forex strategies. The entry is very straightforward and the different exit options provide the potential for each kind of trader. Just be patient, find the right setup in the market and go for it. you can Place your Order according to this Strategy but you have to relax. this Strategy works slow then other Trading Strategies.

Hope this Article Help you to Know more About Strategy and Top 5 Best Forex Strategies

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What is Forex Strategy-Top 5 Best Forex Strategies for Forex Beginners 
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