How to Save Mobile 3G , 4G internet data on Any Android Device


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Hi, there in this Article I will show how you can save mobile data on any Android Device. usually, we Spend A lot of money on internet data. i will show you how to save 3g data in easy way . after this, you can use android save data.

Step 1.

Click on. Download .

Step 2.

Now Install the App

how to save data on android -

opera browser - techhung

Step 3.

After Install . Open the App

portable wifi - techhung

Step 4.

Now Click on Agree and Continue

data saver app

Step 5.

Now Check on Save In All Apps and Click Next .


Step 6.

Click ( Yes )

ultra data saver

Step 7.

Now you are in App . Click on ( Mobile )


Step 8.

Now Click on ( Start Saving )

ultra data saving

Step 9.

Now it Asking you for Connection . Now Click ( OK )

unlimited mobile

Free mobile data


So now you are Able to save data on your Android Device . now you can control cellular data with opera max data sever. you can use data saver app any where. save the date with this data on off you can also save 3G data.

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How to Save Mobile 3G , 4G internet data on Any Android Device
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