How to Use Google Wallet The Beginner’s Complete Guide

Google is one of the most famous, Trusted and full-featured company in worldwide. Google has a many Branches like YouTube, Google Drive, Google Adwords, Google Gmail, Google Wallet, Google Adsense and more. Google provides different platforms for People to make money from Google. people who have skills in any filed they can show their skills and money from the Google Like YouTube, Adsense and more. so in this Article, we will Learn or talk about How to Use Google Wallet. if you don’t know what is Google Wallet then Read this Article until the End.

In This Article, We Will Learn

  • Google Wallet Sign In
  • Wallet Google Personal Setting
  • Verify Your Identity Google Wallet
  • Set Google Wallet Pin
  • Google Wallet App
  • how to Add Money to Google Wallet
  • how to get a google wallet card
  • Send Money with Google Wallet
  • how to withdraw money from google wallet
  • Google Wallet Fees
  • Is Google Wallet Safe?

Google Wallet Sign In

As you know the Google Wallet is a Product from Google company so you can make a Google Wallet account with Google Gmail. if you have a Gmail Account it’s ok if you don’t have to Create a Gmail account. After this visit Google Wallet website and Click ‘sign in’ in the top right corner.

Now to make your Google Wallet just complete your personal billing information, Click on Accept and Create.

Wallet Google Personal Setting

if You want to make sure your information and settings are correct. To do this, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Google Wallet homepage. To Edit your name and address, simply click the (Edit) Button to the left of the field.

Verify Your Identity Google Wallet

in setting, you will see the verify button it says that verify your identity. after verifying, you will allow accessing many features in Google Wallet. These features include activating a free Google Wallet Card with 24/7 fraud monitoring and receiving notifications. Google ask this information because many financial regulations require that payment providers take steps to verify the customer’s identification.

Set Google Wallet Pin

Be safe and secure by creating a custom four-digit pin to protect your Wallet. this is an extra, option in security step, and we highly recommend it. When you send money, open the app or withdraw money from ATMs with your Google Wallet Card (explained in the fifth step), you will use this pin number for your account.

Google Wallet App

Google provides the Google Wallet app for its customer. you can control and monitor your Google Wallet account from the app. Google Wallet App is available for Android and IOS.

Download Android Google Wallet App
Download IOS Google Wallet App

Once the app has been downloaded, open it and log in to your Google account, Enter the Wallet pin.

how to Add Money to Google Wallet

Your Google Wallet balance is the money stored in your virtual wallet. With this balance, you can send money to others anywhere, shop online and make in-store purchases with your Google Wallet Card Easily. You can add money to your Google Wallet balance from your bank account for free, but to add money from your credit or debit card, there is a flat 2.9% fee per transaction.

How to Add money to your Google Wallet Balance from Desktop?

  • First, visit and click on Payment methods in the left-hand menu.
  • Click Add to Wallet Balance select how you would like to add money and type in the amount of money you want to add in your wallet.
  • at last, Click Add money.

How to Add money to your Google Wallet Balance from Mobile App?

  • in mobile app Tap the three lines in the upper left-hand corner, select Wallet Balance and tap Add money.
  • Select how you would like to add money and type in the amount of money you want to add to your wallet.
  • Tap Add money.

how to get a google wallet card

You can use a Google Wallet Card to spend money on your Google Wallet balance. The card is linked to your account, and you can use it for in-store purchases. There are no fees to order and activate the card of your wallet.

  • On the desktop site activate your Google Wallet Card by selecting Wallet Card and app.
  • Click on Get your Card.
  • Verify your Identity of your wallet.

  • On the mobile app 
  • Click on three dotes to activate your Google Wallet Card Click on Get your Card.
  • Your Google Wallet Card will be sent directly to your mailing address which you have entered.

Send Money with Google Wallet

To send money to someone with google wallet, click the Send Money button on the desktop site or mobile app. If you haven’t successfully verified your information or skipped this step, you may be asked to verify your identity again. In order to do this, it may ask you to Verify by phone or Submit documentation online. Follow the directions on your screen.

Once you have verified your identity successfully, you can send money to any friend in the US with an email address and best of all transferring money is fast and easy. Sending money directly from your bank account or Google Wallet Balance is free, but sending money using a credit or debit card has a flat fee of 2.9% per transaction. Receiving money is always free with google wallet.

how to withdraw money from google wallet

You can transfer money from your Wallet to your linked bank account or debit card for free without ant transaction fee. Transfers to your debit card typically complete within minutes but may take up to 24 hours for some banks. Transfers to a bank account are usually done within 3 business days.

To withdraw money from your Google Wallet Balance:

  • Open the Wallet app or site.
  • At the top of the home screen, tap Balance > Cash out.
  • Choose the payment method that you want to transfer to.
  • Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.
  • Tap or Clik Cash out.

Google Wallet Fees

there is no any Fee to make Google Wallet account this a free product from Google to its customer. also, it will not ask you for the transaction fee. basically, it is totally free service from Google.

Is Google Wallet Safe?

Google Wallet is optimized for both online and in-person payments and has a high standard of safety for its user. Since it includes a mobile app that you can take with you on the go, it comes with a PIN you must enter to access your information on your mobile or device. It also has a login email and password you must use to access Wallet on the computer. Your debit card number is always hidden from others, it’s encrypted on the servers and when the information is being sent, and you can disable your Google Wallet account remotely if you ever lose your mobile or device.

Hope this Article Help to know more About Usage of Google Wallet Account

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How to Use Google Wallet The Beginner’s Complete Guide
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