How to Make Bootable USB with Rufus Easiest way Complete Guide

How to make Bootable USB? we all using operating systems on our desktops like Windows 10, Mac OS High Sierra, Linux and etc. so when we use it sometimes it gets errs or any issues at that time you need to change your operating system. in two ways you can change the operating system first by a DVD of windows you can find DVD from DVD sellers and the second way is to change the operating system from a USB/Flash Drive. when you write the Windows operating system on a Flash/USB it will work like windows DVD and the USB called Bootable USB. with is methought you can make Bootable USB of any Operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS High Sierra, Linux and many more. so

in this Article We will Learn

  • Things you Need to make Bootable USB/Flash Drive
  • Download image File
  • Download Rufus
  • How to Make Bootable USB with Rufus

Things You Need to Make Bootable USB/Flash Drive

if you have these following things then you are good to go ahead

  • Minimum 8GB Flash Drive/USB
  • Image File of Operating system 
  • Latest version of Rufus

Download image File

on the internet, you can find any operating system image files just search on Google to download image files of any operating system. if you have downloaded the image file of the operating system then you can go ahead to next step

Download Rufus

to make a bootable flash there are many software on the internet but the Rufus is one of the best and simple software to make Bootable USB/Flash Drive. first, you should download the latest version of Rufus

How to Make Bootable USB with Rufus

After downloading complete you can go ahead so right click on the setup of Rufus and click on (Run as administrator)

how to make bootable usb windows

At first, this screen will pop up click (No)

create bootable usb windows

this window will appear now it should be clean like the image below

create bootable usb from

Now put your USB/Flash Drive into your PC or Laptop and the following columns will fill up it means Rufus will detect the USB

bootable usb

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Click the image Box and select the ISO Image like image bellow

bootable pen drive

Now click on Disk Logo like following image bellow

bootable usb windows 7

Now find your image file of the operating system that you have downloaded and click open

software to make pendrive

If you have selected the image file of operating system just click start and the Rufus will start making Bootable USB/Flash Drive

software to make pendrive

when the Process finished just close the Rufus

how to make bootable pendrive for windows 7 from iso

This is How your Bootable USB looks like after process and if you see this sign on your PC/Laptop it means you have made a Bootable USB successfully

make bootable

Hope this Article Helps you to know more How to make a Bootable USB/Flash Drive

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How to Make Bootable USB with Rufus Easiest way Complete Guide
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