Be Anonymous – Call Any Body with Unknown Phone Number

we all just want to have fun with our Family and Friends in Different ways by a Phone call and etc. so if you want to say anything to anyone without showing your number. the Receiver will not get any kind of information about you. when you call someone from this app it will not ask you for Mobile balance only you should have an internet Connection. when you call someone from this app your number will show to that person as a ( Private number or Unknow number ) But the Other person will not get any Information about you. you can make international calls without any Mobile Balance. in this app getting credit is so easy. if we see this is not a Usual app. you can say anything to any One without showing your identity. in many Countries this app has been banned due to this Feature( not showing your identity issue ) maybe it is Banded in your country. so when this app stop working just open you’re ( VPN ) serves. it has one more interesting feature. you can Hack this app and you can get any ( Country Phone Number ). so basically you are making internet phone call with no Mobile Balance. you can Search for Primo hack on YOUTUBE. without wasting our time Beginn!

Download the App Called Primo for Android. ( Download Primo App )
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After installing the Primo app. open the app. when you open the app first time it will ask you for Registration. Creat an account on Primo. Don’t worry it will show your Registration information to anyone.
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After this, it will ask you for your Mobile Number you can Skip this mobile number verification. But if you Verify your Mobile number it is Better and you will be given 25minuts for calls.
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on the left-hand side, we have Menu of this app.

#1. Calls
#2. Chats
#3. Contacts
#4. Rewards
#5. My Account
#6. Buy
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if we Quickly Review the Rewards Feature.
in Reward we have 

#1. invite Friends
#2. Add Email Adress
#3. Set Profile Photo
#4. Enter Location
#5. Enter Hometown
#6. Gender
#7. Birthday
#8. Earn more Credits

So with this 8 Tasks, we can Earn Credits.
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in Call section, if we see First select the Country that you want to call, put the number and hit the call Button.
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internet phone call

Call Screen to call someone. 
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internet phone call

Simple Full Feature PDF Editor – Apower PDF Editor

Feel Free to ask Question in Comment Box if you have any Trouble

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Be Anonymous – Call Any Body with Unknown Phone Number
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