How to Fix Broken IPad mini LCD and Touch

By posted on October 30, 2017 3:27PM
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iPad mini screen repair

Hi there to day i will Guide you how you can Replace the and Fix broken LCD and Touch of IPad mini Step by Step .First you Need to Buy LCD or Touch .You can Buy Onlion LCD and Touch from Here .

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ipad mini screen repair apple -

Step 1.

Take your Broken IPad mini .

ipad mini screen repair apple -

Step 2.

Blow the Edge of Screen with Hot Gun Blower .

broken ipad screen -

ipad air 2 screen repair -

Step 3.

Now Remove the Touch from IPad .

ipad mini 2 screen repair -

Step 4.

Now Remove the “ 4 Screw ” on the Top of LCD.

cracked ipad screen -

Step 5.

Now Remove the LCD and Remove the ” 18 Screw ” on the ” Shield

ipad air glass replacement -

Step 6.

Now Remove the ” Shield ” and Remove the ” 3 Screws ” from the ” Ribbon Shield

ipad screen replacement cost -

broken ipad screen -

Step 7.

Now Remove the ” Ribbon

apple ipad screen repair -

new screen for ipad mini -

Step 8.

Now Remove the ” LCD and Touch

ipad mini cracked screen -

ipad mini glass repair -

Step 9.

Now ” Reassemble ” and Fix the  ” New LCD and Touch

ipad screen repair -

iPad mini screen repair

Step 10.

Now you are  ” Done ” Enjoy Using your IPad mini .

ipad mini screen replacement -


Mostly we Use IPad to Entertain our Self . Some time we get cracked ipad screen so Usually we went to Repairer we Replace broken ipad screen . ipad mini glass replacement cost is too much so you can do it yourself .

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