how to Do Live Boot Latest Tail windows with Flash(USB)

We all know about windows and we all use windows operating system. there are Bunch of windows we use them for Different purposes. Like office work, Personal use and etc. if we see in windows we have Hacking Machine( Hacking Operating system). these Hacking OS used for Being Anonymous that no can Riched to them. these operating systems are Specially Designed for Cyber Hackers. in these operating systems, Hackers do Coding in Profainal level. so it is not Easy for a ordinary person. maybe you heard (Tails). Tails Operating System Sport By (Tor Browser).Tails is an Operating system that used for Hacking nowadays. installing tail windows on any machine is a hard task and maybe your machine will be too slow. so now I will show you how you can download and Live Boot Tails 3.3 latest on any machine. it is an easy way to Run Hacking operating system on a machine. you can also install Tails on (Virtual Machine). in this Article, i will go with Live Boot. without wasting time lets begin

#. First, you Need Latest Tails OS File. ( Download Tails
#. Second a USB Burner Software. ( Download Rufus )
#. Minimum (8GB) USB

Note: USB Data will be Removed or Destroyed 

How to Burn Tails OS file in USB?

#. Plug in your USB Drive to your PC and Run Rufus.
secure linux distro - techhung

#. Now in First Column Select ( Tails 3.3 ). Leave the second Column as it is and in Third Column select ( FAT32 Default ).
tails os - techhung

#. in this Box select (ISO image) and Brow the (Tails OS) file select that.
tail log - techhung
tail windows - techhung

#. Now Click start and the popup window will appear just Click ok. it will Load it up and your (USB) and it has Been burned.
head command in unix - techhung
operating system security - techhung
#. Now you are Ready to go. just Put your (USB) into PC and Restart your PC. it will Automatically Boot in to (Tails Operating system).
secure os - techhung

tail windows

#. if your PC is not set to AutoBoot then Follow the steps.

How to set any PC in Auto Boot?

#. Restart your PC and hit boot menu key. if you don’t know just search on google for boot menu key of your PC. it depends on your Machine manufacturer. in my case, my PC manufacturer is Dell so I will Press (F12).
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#. Now Find (Legacy Support) and (Enable) that Feature.
tor browser linux - teechhung

#. Now hit Enter on (Exit Saving Changes). Restart your PC and it will Recognize your (USB) in Boot menu. select (USB Hard Drive) and hit Enter.
tor linux - techhung
laura poitras - techhung
             Boot Menu

#. Now you are Ready to Run your (Tails 3.3)
edward snowden documentary - techhung

tail windows

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Feel Free to ask Question in Comment Box if you have any Trouble

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how to Do Live Boot Latest Tail windows with Flash(USB)
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