Hack Wifi Password on Windows 10 using CMD Command

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Think you have Forgot you Network Wifi Password and your laptop is connected to the wifi. so you want to Connect your phone to the network as well. so in this case, you can view your Wifi password that your laptop is connected with. simply you can say that you can hack Wifi Password. People Search on Google for wifi hacker tool But you don’t Need any wifi hacker app for this process. on the internet, there are a lot of Wifi password hacker Software. But none of them Works properly. there named Like wifi hacker for pc, wifi password hacker and etc. it Works with All windows. with any Operating System either it is x32 bits or x64 bits. it Only shows that Wifi Passwords that you have Connected.  it is just a Trick. so I will help you to Find out a Wifi Router Password. Lets Begin

Note: this Article is for Education Purposes only.

1. First Go in and Search ( CMD Command ) on Start Menu. Right Click on that and Select ( Run as administrator )
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2. Now ( CMD Command ) Window will Appear. Type Comment ( netsh wlan show profiles ) and hit Enter
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hacker wifi - techhung

3. it will Show you that with which Wifi you have connected.
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4. Now just ( netsh wlan show profile ) space ( Wifi Network Name ) space ( key=clear ) and hit Enter. I also showed you at Screen Short.
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5. Now it Show you Wifi Network Password like this. Enter Wifi Password and it will Connect.
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So now you can Find any Wifi Network Password. Note this only Methought will Show the Password of that Wifi Network with Wifi you have Connect at least Once. perhaps that Someone Enter the Wifi Password on your laptop and you want to Connect your Smartphone with that Wifi as well So this Methought will work Perfectly with kind of Cases. with this Methought, you Don’t need any kind of wifi hacker app. Hope this Trick Helps you to Find Wifi Password.

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