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everyone likes to work smartly and earn more money. everyone likes to be a well-known person or a public figure. 95% people fail to become a be a public figure. many people turn into wrong ways to become a public figure. so if you want to make money easily or if you want to become a famous or public figure. YouTube is a Great Platform to become famous and Earn money easily. it is totally free you don’t need to pay any type of amount to become a YouTuber. you just need a skill or if you don’t have any skill just learn your favorite skill and you can start making money on youtube(youtube money). if you are a boy you should have or learn any skill or if you are a girl without any skill you can make money on youtube. How? just make a video of your self, your daily life routine, your makeup and etc. sound easy? yes, it is an easy task for girls. nowadays youtube becomes a passion. so in this Article, we will talk about to make a channel on youtube? and how to make money on youtube(youtube money)? without wasting time let’s begin

How to Create a YouTube Brand Channel?

  • First, you should have a Gmail or create a Gmail account
  • How to Sign in to YouTube with Gmail Account?
  • How to make a Proper YouTube Brand Channel?

First, you should have a Gmail Account or Create Gmail Account

Gmail is mail which is launched by Google. it have a Bunch of features like you can mail someone, make an award account, make a youtube channel and etc. with Gmail you can Access all Google products and YouTube is one of them. How to make Gmail learn from YouTube.

How to Sign in to YouTube with Gmail Account?


Fist Visit YouTube. Click on right-hand side corner there is (SIGN IN) Button simply Click on that. Put your Gmail username and Password and it will bring you to next screen.


How to make a Proper YouTube Brand Channel?

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in this page Click on your Account Button which will be on right side corner and Click on the little setting icon like in the screenshot above.

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Showdown and Find “Create a new channel” and Click on that which shown above in screenshot.

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Put your Youtube Channel Name in Brand Account name Cullom and Click on Create which is shown in the screenshot above.

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Now Click on CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL like in the screenshot above.

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Put your Logo or image on your Channel and you can Add Channel art as well in screen short above.

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YouTube Money

Click on your Channel icon and click on Creator Studio like Screen short above.

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Click on “CHANNEL” icon.

in this Page Click on Verify Button like above screenshot.

in this Page First Select your Country, Second Click on “Text me the verification code”, third Put your number to verify your Youtube channel and last Click on Submit.

Now you are Done you have Created a YouTube Brand Account successfully if you follow the steps correctly.

Learn How to Make YouTube Brand Channel in Videos Bellow

Hope this Article Help you How to Make a YouTube Brand Account

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Make Channel on YouTube and Start Making Money Step by Step | YouTube Money
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