How to Create iPhone App Free Without Any Coding

Create iPhone app free without any Coding knowledge is possible. programing language like CSS, HTML and etc now is not that much necessary to make an App. in a few years ago people need to learn about coding to make an App without code it was not possible to make an App but now things changed now you can make your own App for your business, shop and etc without any coding or without knowing about any programming languages.

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  • How do you design an app for iPhone?
  • iPhone App Builder Free
  • Create iPhone App Free
  • How to Create an App for iPhone free without any Coding?
  • How to use Xcode

How do you design an app for iPhone?

there are many app builders and app builders websites too but an iPhone for you. there are a bunch of categories to build an App for iPhone. you can make an app for your local business, you can make an app for your shop and etc. 

iPhone App Builder Free

there are many app builder websites but this website is the most customized and user-friendly website to make an iPhone App please click below on iPhone App Builder

                                                                          iPhone App Builder

Create iPhone App Free

A few years ago it was very difficult to design an app for your business, shop and etc but now it is quite easy to make a static app for your business. in this app making procedure you need to just select your app category and normal things. it has the simple procedure so don’t worry.

How to Create an App for iPhone free without any Coding?

Step 1. First, visit the iPhone App Builder website and click Get Start

Step 2. Now in this windows First select that on which platform you want to create an App, Select the categories for what you want to create this App, put your App name and click next. for now, for example, I will select the IOS platform. 

Step 3. in this step they want to know if you have a website or not if you have so just put your website link if you don’t have any website just click on skip. for example 

Step 4. Select the layout of your iPhone App home screen. you can do like the preview from the site which is given you in shape of a Phone and click next

Step 5. in this screen you can edit your app features, you can add login security, you can add your Facebook Page, you can add your Photos, you can edit your App about section and more

Step 6. Now you can export your iPhone App test it on your Phone but first, you should log in to this website. there are many login options like Facebook login and google plus login or put your email.

How to use Xcode

this is the other way to make an iPhone App. Xcode is a software by which you can design an iPhone App but for this, you need to learn its basics. simply we can say Xcode is a coding language to make an iPhone App. to know how to use this software to make iPhone apps you need to learn about it and watch the tutorials.

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