How to Creat Home Button on iPhone X Without Installing Any Extra Button

Do you miss the home button on your from-the-future iPhone X? Then we have good news! You can either sell it on eBay for a ridiculous sum, or you can add a home button back using a long-time feature built into iOS’s accessibility settings. Let’s take a look.

PhoneArena’s trick makes use of Apple’s AssistiveTouch feature, which was created for people with motor skill impairments who can’t use the iPhone’s physical buttons. It’s also useful if your power or home button breaks and you need another way to navigate.

Assistive Touch puts a small circular button anywhere on your screen at all times. You can press it to access a bunch of different functions, such as turning on voice controls, checking your notifications, or returning to the home screen. In this case “Home” is the only option we want.

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This easy hack lets you create a virtual ‘Home’ button on the iPhone X

there is a little tutorial to create a Home Button on iPhone X

First, Remove all your Apps from the bottom of the screen of iPhone X

Now open Settings and General

Now Click on Accessibility and Assistive Touch

Now just Turn on Assistive Touch

Now Scroll Down, Click on Single-Tap and Select Home

Now you are Done just Move the Assistive Touch into the Middle of Screen

Now when Ever you want to Come back just click on Assistive Touch and you will enjoy using this Feature.

Lean Watch this Tutorial in Video

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